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If you're like most businesses, you want your phone ringing and customers contacting you or walking through your door. And that's what we want too.

We want to put customers on your website finding out what a great company you have right here in the Raleigh Triangle area, learning more about your products, and SPENDING MONEY with you!

How do we get you there?
By getting your website in front of those customers. By making sure your company is positioned properly to BE found by potential customers now.

Screaming Beagle


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Client Comments & Emails

...Steve and I were just talking about you. We are getting great results . Thank you again.

- Betty Williams
Self Storage Centers of America

Eric, The new site is AWESOME! It's like night and day.... Thank you for jumping on this so quickly.

- Greg Fuller
GA Fuller Electrical Service

Thanks for all your hard work!

- Dara Van Deusen
Van Deusen Health and Wellness

Phone calls are great - and consistent from throughout our areas. THANK YOU!

- Eric Erickson
Partner - Lizardwebs

Thanks so much. We are doing just like you said we would! ...looking forward to moving on this project soon.

- Ellen Morgan

Awesome results for our site... This is where we want to be!

- Name withheld

Recent SEO FAQs and More

Screaming Beagle is Here!

ScreamingBeagle Raleigh SEO

The Beagle is on the loose!

We’ve been on the fence about rebranding for a while. We finally, after lots of thinking, decided to go for it. This move is all about consolidating our functionality from a few different areas and keeping things better focused. While we still have the same great content, we’ve added a bit here and there and look forward to really dialing it up a notch or three going forward. Like most websites, there will be ongoing changes and work to our OWN onsite SEO :)  We foresee a few graphical changes while we get the ScreamingBeagle dialed in. A little restructuring is never a bad thing – and this promises to be an exciting change for us!

More Information – Expanded Content

One of the things we intend to do with this site is to provide good relevant information for normal people as the world of search engines change – and that world changes pretty frequently. While we all want to make money in this world, this site will be more about the world of web and search engines than a sales-oriented “We want to sell you on what a great company we are” site. We welcome visitors to come and learn from our stuff – and hey if you DO want to hire us to handle your search optimization work, great!

We expect to be adding some content over here on web design as well as  Search Engine Optimization and web design go hand in hand.  That will be a lot of the expanded content – the web design side of things.  To make a site rank better, one really needs to know HOW to build a good site and what the implications of each element will be. Yes, we actually DO websites for customers, but we haven’t really made it very apparent.  Many times, we have gotten customers in that have such bad sites, that it’s actually easier to actually redo their site than try to patch up the mess that was their site – and cheaper for the customer as well.

Growing Pains

We’re still working on our social, so bear with us while we get everything in place! Like the leaky faucet at the plumbers house, our own sites are usually the last to get any love. We actually made our change just this weekend though the site has been sitting on a new host for the last month and a half. We will be adding and fleshing out more content in the next few days. We’re looking forward to the new brand and being able to really jump it up.

Look Forward to Hearing From You

While we’re working on this site and getting our new site up to snuff, we are still obviously open and ready for business. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about your own website SEO situation or even to get started on a new Raleigh Triangle SEO campaign – or at least get some ideas.