Getting a Jump on the New Year

focus for the new yearIf you’re like a lot of business owners, you might regard the holidays as a chance to actually get a few days off. I have to admit, I feel that way myself. Though, actually, I more feel like it’s a few days where customers aren’t calling that I can have some time to reflect on my own projects, company growth, and company direction for the next year.

What should you be thinking about this year?

Your Website Subject/Topical Construction

How long ago did you actually build your site? Was it built by a company that’s familiar with SEO? How is it ranking overall? Those are all sort of big questions. We have seen more than our share of beautiful sites that couldn’t rank for ice cube sales in the middle of a desert. All too often, that’s a case where your web designer/web developer is thinking more about the aesthetics of your website than they are the functionality and how the search engines will see it. To be completely fair, Google will tell you that customer experience is and should be the first priority and everything else will fall into place. That’s sort of a reasonable statement to a point. There are a lot of finer points of construction though that can induce Google to give the same content better rankings depending on site structure, keywords chosen, word densities and more. I’ve seen some really awesome content before that Google will never, ever show in a usable, search result kind of way….